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Please Allow 4-6 Weeks For Delivery
Please Allow 4-6 Weeks For Delivery
Welcome to my site
Hello and Welcome
My name is Charles Cook and you have landed on
This is a blog chronicling my journey back to full strength after heart surgery.
If you’re wondering about the name, keep bangin’ was a phrase used by a co-worker and
I back in my university days working in restaurants to pay my way through school.
To make sure his head was in the game for that particular night I would ask,
“Hey Ricky what are we going to do when it hits the fan tonight?”
He would respond by saying, ”The only thing we can do Chuck, just keep bangin’”.
This site is dedicated to the idea that every day the sun comes up we all receive the
opportunity to just KEEP BANGIN!.
I am presenting this blog as a way for all the people who have sent prayers, good wishes
and positive vibrations my way to keep up with my journey back to health.  I would like
to thank my son Matt for doing such a great job with communicating the latest news with
me up until now.  It is my sincere hope that this blog will take that weight off of his
skinny shoulders.  Thank you for your time and your attention.
Charles Cook